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February 28th, 2012

08:01 pm - Keep it classy, Tumblr stans
 I love Tumblr for all the pretty pictures and awesome gifs etc etc.
What is hilarious is the rampant immaturity: which makes sense as most of these kids are just that, KIDS.
What's funny are the gifs and macros popping up re: the CBS Sherlock reboot.
What's not so amusing is the poorly hidden misogyny and racism at the news that Lucy Liu has been cast as Watson.
One stan made the assertion that Watson was all things awesome: doctor, soldier, brave, kind, etc. And s/he was appalled that a CHINESE WOMAN was cast. Because obviously, women, and chinese ones at that, can't embody all that s/he thinks Watson stands for.
Plenty of stans say "Just because I don't think a woman should be cast as Watson doesn't mean I'm sexist! And I have no problems with Lucy, it's just that...(insert justification here.)"
Look, you fools, yea it's totally sexist. Because you don't think a woman can do what the male actors who have portrayed Watson had done in previous Sherlock iterations.  I'm pretty sure that's textbook sexism right there. Honestly, I will never, ever get used to watching women pull another woman down.
And when idiot stans start whining about "I have no problems with Lucy Liu, I think she's a great actress but..."  sounds a hell of a lot like "I have no problems with people of color, but..."  
In short, I am going to ignore written posts on tumblr re: this CBS "Reboot" -- which I have plenty of OTHER reasons to be sceptical about -- because this amount of ignorant idiocy gives me serious heartburn.

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January 15th, 2012

10:06 pm - The Reichenbach Fall
Oh my god, Martin Freeman, you deserve ALL THE AWARDS.  I cannot believe that this was written by the same guy who brought us The "All Things Exotic and Oriental" (that's right, ORIENTAL. Not Chinese, not even Asian:  Because that's just how culturally fetishized and objectified it was) episode aka The Blind Banker.  Steve Thompson, you are forgiven that straight up offensive episode because you gave us this.

Spoilery StuffCollapse )

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January 9th, 2012

10:27 pm - Sherlock, Season 2: Man, am I disappointed.
So...am I the only one who thinks Season 2 has been a pretty big letdown?  I mean, there have been some really great bits, and supremely hilarious parts, but on the whole, this season feels flat to me.  The characters feel stagnant. I'm not a fan of the character interpretations. And - I'm gonna say it - I'm bored with Sherlock's manic, overstimulated, flaily sociopathy.  

It didn't help that I just finished reading ACD's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Canon SH is a fucking gentleman, and even if he didn't indulge in sentiment and excessive emotionalism, he was not unsympathetic to the human condition and how emotions ruled the people involved in his cases.  Sure, the game was what's important to him, but I never got the feeling that he was outright contemptuous of human feeling.  And man, the bromance between canon SH and JW was epic: they were brothers and comrade in arms and best of friends.  I just didn't get that from Sherlock BBC Season 2.  Watching the interaction between BBC John and Sherlock was like watching a really awful, emotionally and physically abusive relationship that neither could break away from. It's a goddamned trainwreck.  I never felt like BBC Sherlock respected John; and I got the feeling that BBC John was deeply tired of BBC Sherlock's shenanigans.

Thing is, I've read some truly excellent fic, and I guess I was looking for a better exploration of their partnership. Instead, I got really flashy camera work, jacked up reinterpretations of awesome stories, gratuitous skin, and massive amounts of flailing masquerading as acting/character development.

In short: BORED. Also, disappointed.  

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August 9th, 2011

07:56 pm - I've gotten serious mileage out of my George Foreman grill
Oh baby, yes. You know you wanna click on the cut below.

Get a piece of this sweet, sweet actionCollapse )

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July 20th, 2011

08:58 pm - Awesome kitchen gadget: The Pink Himalayan Salt Block
My pink himalayan salt block

This, my friends, is a 8x8x2in block of pink himalayan salt that you can use to cook with (stove top or grill. Oven is not recommended.) You heat it up slowly and in stages (For this size, 10 mins low heat, 10 mins med, 10 mins blazing hot) and then you can use it to cook most anything. I cooked ham, then onions, then eggs. I don't know exactly what I was trying to make for dinner, but it was delicious! Well, except for the ham. The block wasn't hot enough so the ham was supersalty.

I need more practice with this. And I want to get another one: but only use it to serve food, not for cooking.

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June 12th, 2011

12:25 am - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War (Spoilers, Sweeties)
Unnnnngh so gooooooooodCollapse )

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May 20th, 2011

10:02 pm - Supernatural Season Finale

Jesus H. Cas on a pogo stick, I don't even know.

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May 28th, 2010

10:31 am - RIP Steve Perry, writer of Thundercats, Silverhawk, Salimba, TimeSpirits, etc
You'd suffered enough, Mr. Perry. It's time to rest.

We'll mourn you and miss you and hope that justice is served.

RIP, Steve Perry.


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May 24th, 2010

05:10 pm - Steve Perry, writer of Thundercats: Missing, possible homicide
I'd received an email back in May 9th from Mr. Perry, updating folks on his current status. I wrote back telling him that I'll be paypal-ing a bit of cash I could spare to help him out. Then...nothing.

I didn't think too much of it; his life is full of drama and worry and terror about his son, about his health, about how to live day-to-day. But even in the midst of that, he exhibited humor and courage and snark. He'd wax sarcastic about the health care system and his uncaring doctors. He'd write about his son - and you can just feel the love he has for his boy. In the end, it was all for his son Leo, and he'd drag himself from the deepest pit if that was what it took to keep his son happy and safe.

So, no, I didn't think it was too odd that I hadn't heard from him in weeks.

Then, for some reason, I thought to google him. I knew that I could probably get some kind of update via his friend Steve Bissette's blog.

I was horrified and shocked when I saw this: ThunderCats writer Stephen Perry missing after grisly discovery and this: SF Site News » Thundercats Writer Steve Perry Missing.

Steve Bissette posted on his blog: http://srbissette.com/?p=9077 and http://srbissette.com/?p=9093.

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April 24th, 2010

02:19 pm - How can a man, whom I barely know, break my heart so easily?
I've traded emails with Steve Perry a few times. I've read his emails - full of humor and courage and snark even in the face of such terrible circumstances: terminal cancer, no insurance, no help. I knew he was going into surgery sometime in April, and was hoping that it'll ease his pain a little, make him more comfortable, let him walk around a little longer and take care of his son, Leo. I've posted on my LJ, Dreamwidth and Vox accounts hoping that folks can help out, just to boost the signal on his plight. I received some comments, some private messages, and I hoped that every little bit counted.

I received an email from him today. He gave his blessing to spread the word.

I haven't cried this hard since I got my heart broken almost a decade ago.

But I faced that first night of growing abdominal pain, bloody urine and cramps by myself in the living room, thankful only that my son and his Mother stayed in another part of the house. I did not sleep. By morning the pain had become nothing short of insane. This continued all day, into the next night.

This is the true nature of the horror tale: Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature. Vampires, ghouls, zombies. Things going bump in the night. The threat of Death. The Horror … the horror… Serial Killers. Murderers. Crazies. All the kind and comfy eyeballs of Hostel, all the blossoming wing-pullers profiled at this second by the new crop of the FBI’s John Douglas Units. Hannibal. “It puts the lotion in the basket … or else it gets the hose again. PUT THE FUCKING LOTION IN THE BASKET!!!!”


No, my dear friends. I used to believe those things pinnacles of horror – Gunnar Hansen swinging the McCullough, Pam on the hook, and a hundred other images, scenes and finely wrought fantasies; you have your own struck in your head somewhere, and can pull it up with a pleasant shiver. The shiver becomes less pleasant when the memory recalls Grammy’s last glance, or a siblings last squeeze of the hand, or when Mother or Father simply collapsed at dinner – those horrors are getting personal, a bit too real. And then there is the REAL HORROR I NOW KNOW.

It is really nothing more than fear. Fear. The Fear of Death.

Death did not just knock on my door this past week; it entered the room, sat down, said “You wanna a beer?” and then asked if I was ready to go. Thank God I gave up beer years and years ago.

And now I come to the real question of this letter to you, my friend. The real question:

Where is God in all this.

So many of you offered prayers ($5 and a prayer, $20 and a prayer!!!) The cash helped survive this real world and has kept a roof over our heads, kept power on, kept the internet here, kept gas in the tank, kept those whose friendship depends on one’s ability to pay them 20 or 30 bucks for “gas” or “their time”, paid doctors, paid co-pays for a billion dollar HMO, and bought a sweet little boy far too many Happy Meals from MacDonald’s.

But where is God in all this? I have found him, you know. Like so much that is true, He stands right in front of us, often invisible because we have not learned, as the NaVee say, “to see”. (Just a rehashed of a long held and ancient idea, you know).

God has simple names, lives good normal lives. God is you, my friends, all of you. You all shower and shave, wipe yourselves, smile, laugh at a good pr even bad joke. You share a love of kindness and do not seem marred by doubt or cruelty; you enjoy giving and you have demonstrated that whenever you helped me and my son, Leo. You have names, and these are some of them; perhaps you recognize a friend:

Jim McClauchlin, Walter Simonson, Chris Klamer, Steve Bissette. Beth Massie. Rick Grimes, Martin Rosenberg,Jim Wheelock, Jean Kang,Loan Mathes,Esperanza Velazquez,Melita Kennedy, Talph Ashley, Paul Chadwick, Tom Yeates, Karen Berger,Barbara Kessel, Alan Goldstein, Fred Smith, Devin McCullen,Mike Howlett, John Goodrich,Tracy Frances, Brian Defers, Zack Ramadan, Susan Tankersley, John Plat, Andrew Bredinger,J Buell, Ben Meier, Martin Fletcher, Justin Lyle, Jay Jay, Katja Katsri,Devin McCullen,Meredith Randazzo, Rob Randazzo, Mark Mastral, Janet Jackson,Richard Arndt, Margaret Rogets, Lindsey Southerland, Phil Gelat,Rachael Hestilow, Denny ONeil, Geroge Perez, Jon Benitz, Alla Parker, Barry Deutch, Michelle Sears, Daniel & Joyce, Radical Warren, Padrais Mealoid, Brian Defer. George Ibarra, David Jones, Matt Nodes, Teresa Kamcher, Katheryn Laitery, Marina Drobni, Charles Reason, Nick Mantamas, Andrew Foley, Nick Ford,Bridget McSweeney,Jyoti Chandola,Crystal Ondrieck,Whitney Tredser,Pieter Dimmettriatries,Nadja Tergren,Marie Lylye,Ana Arruryo,Joann SpenserSarah Airless,Steven Hager, Kara Larson,Lynda Street,Corianna Sharp,Paige Kalika,Donna Burkit, Elizabeth Weiss,Jean Krang (wonderful Jean Krang), Shades of December, Allan Vallee,Joe Lewis, Allison Keebler,Paul Winkler, Susan Tankersly,Kara Vargas, Barry Deutch,Kierien Jones … THE FOLKS AT 3 D MINIATURES!!!! …DAVID INGERSOLL. ALBERTO SOARES, ANAKIN MICHELL, will sandboard, verushka byrow. Cynthia lee., rembrant le compte,derrick mccolluck,alyson hoffman, illsa tang how,misa dunkel, bungalow push,michiel van tulji,Janice daphni bassi,abrahammartinez azurura,donna plant, sara miles,eric yollick. Megan Murphy,ana ajuro … and more. If You are getting this attachment you are on this list. I have been digging back through emails for months now, and if I spelled something wrong, I hope you forgive me.

You all have one thing in common – me. My son Leo. Big Hearts, generosity, hope and what I am calling … God.

Some thinks say God does not exist; some say God exists in all of us. The Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins of the world – with their Non-Deist philosophy, have their points – region can be evil. Godliness – the quality shared by each name in the above list – is something else. It is not Jesus, it is not any of the three major prophets. It is not even the beautiful and eloquent quality of nature so aptly expressed by variations of the Native American, South American or even Atlantean views. Or the Pladians, or the Von Danikans, or the corruptions of it all by those spaceship fools and the Jim Jones’ of the world. By the Teapot Theorists. Or by the Christians, Catholics or Mormons. None of them have it right you know, for when one says my way or the highway you have it wrong from the git go.

You … you all above and all who get this in their inboxes … you are my God. A GREAT NOW DEAD COMEDIAN – George Carlin – decided in the last years of his life he would worship Joe Peschi. As good as any, he said. He was right, as he was about so much.

You have all helped me and Leo through the toughest time any human being could ever hope to survive, and you have all done it for no reason other than a God within you. You call it what you call it, you feel the feelings that make you do it, and somewhere you know you have done something right and made the world a better place. It has nothing, really, to do with me – I am a vassal sinking. I am not out of the woods, but I am no longer lost, and as I said before, I see light. It is the shine of your heart, the glow of your generosity, the light of your prayer. That you have somehow chosen to extend it toward me and my little boy (the innocent in all this) is an example of Beauty in a world gone Mad. I am even going to ask for another Happy Meal if you have one – someone just paypaled me Two Dollars and twenty three cents. They do not know it means as much – maybe even more – than the Walt Simonson artwork which paid off all back rent and secured our home for two months past and one month into the future. To send $2.23 to me, a sick stranger, took a kindness, a Godness as profound as the human spirit is eternal. You are all my Gods.

Please, spread the word. Send what you can. Say a prayer.

Ways to donate:
1) Paypal directly to his account: sandramaples48@yahoo.com ANYTHING will help..

2) Money order to the following address:
Steve Perry
38046 8th Ave
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

3) Donate to The Hero Initiative (http://www.heroinitiative.org). Per their website: The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work.

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